O-di-C Studio activities abroad

Since 2016, O-di-C studio has collaborations abroad.


The studio brings its expertise in trends and textile design to companies willing to enhance their creativity, innovate, and better address European Market.


Forecasting seasonal trends, creative direction, product development, collection promotion … O-di-C provides a fully dedicated support and creative workshops in-house.





Depending on the projects, the Studio gathers experts and creative minds from various fields: textile engineer, graphic designer, photographer, modelist, web developer.

After 10 years of experience in Parisian leading trend agencies, I founded O-di-C in 2011, willing to build a bridge between Fashion and Home trends and manufacturers ’ reality.

Getting inspiration in Paris and other big cities, and sharing the daily concerns of the companies I am working with, is an essential dynamic.

Throughout my various collaborations, I share a lot with companies with rare know-hows.

O-di-C mission is to help them to highlight their crafts, to innovate in their products developments as well as in their organization, strategy, values… so that they can establish themselves as major actors of the creative industry.

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